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Reverse Vending Machine News

April 12, 2015

Reverse Vending News



Reverse Vending Corporation is an International company that specialise in reverse vending systems, installation,material recovery and recycling, through its experienced management team in RV technology, recycling and waste management.

Reverse Vending is “proven” technology which has been used for over five decades, these fifth Generation Reverse Vending Machines are able to automate the recovery and recycling of thousands of used beverage containers each week.

Reverse Vending Machine

Used in Europe for over five decades, In most cases Reverse Vending Recycling Systems are used in markets that have deposits on beverage containers, offering a highly efficient method of identifying the deposit amount of each container returned and providing a refund to the customer, .

Reverse Vending Corporation installed the First reVend Reverse Vending Machines in numerous Sectors:

  • First installation in the UK
  • First installation in a School
  • First installation in a Hospital
  • First installation in a Park and Ride
  • First installation in a Scottish School
  • First installation in Ireland
  • First installation in Wales
  • First installation in a Vending Bank
  • First installaion in a University
  • First installation in a Corporate Office
  • First installation in a Shopping Mall
  • First installation in Scotland

Reverse Vending Corporation are unique in that we are able to design and build bespoke Reverse Vending Recycling Solutions, we do not simply offer a range of generic solutions.

Recycle and Reward ay IKEA

At IKEA, Glasgow shoppers are be able to recycle any glass, plastic or aluminium drinks containers purchased from the restaurant, shop, or vending machines.. Once returned and deposited through the machine, for each item shoppers will be offered the choice of a 10p voucher to redeem in-store or a 10p donation to one of the stores’ selected charities.


reVend® is a registered Trademark



From Concept to build

From Concept

To Installion

To Installation

Reverse Vending  are able to design and create a bespoke Reverse Vending Recycling Machine to your requirements (subject to terms).

  • Concept to Design to install
  • Branding
  • No minimum orders
  • Your own incentive rewards
  • Your own Specifications
  • Smart Cards or vouchers
  • Reverse Vending training
  • Reverse Vending Telemetry Systems
  • Video Recognition Systems
  • Security Labels and inks
  • Worldwide Maintenance Coverage

Dynamic Recycling Incentives

Reverse Vending  offer a range of dynamic initiatives designed to increase the value of the recycling experience for the host and the user.

We are able to work in Deposit Systems and Non Deposit Systems.


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