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First reVend Reverse Vending Machine installed in a Hospital

October 2, 2014

Whipps Cross University Hospital  are starting a Recycling Programe for used beverage containers with an Incentive Reward System to increase recycling and participation at Whipps Cross University Hospital, London, recycling all beverage containers sold onsite and all used drink containers used “On the Go”.

Whipps Cross Univeristy Hospital reVend Reverse Vending Machine

Whipps Cross Hospital reVend Reverse Vending Machine

Whipps Cross University Hospital are the “FIRST” Hospital in the World to install a reVend Reverse Vending Machine”.

Whipps Cross University Hospital  are creating a “Case Study” showing how to start a “Closed Loop” Recycling System in a UK Hospital, and transparency of movement and recycling, diverting valuable recyclates from Landfill or incineration, therefore reducing considerable environmental, social and financial cost.


First reVend Reverse Vending Machine installed ina Hospital

First reVend Reverse Vending Machine installed in a Hospital

The Reward System will encourage recycling of recyclates such as aluminium/steel drink cans and PET Plastic Drink Bottles, and reward their visitors/staff for recycling the containers.

Whipps Cross Hospital wanted to give the “recycler” an opportunity to donate to charities for every participating used beverage drink container sold onsite at Whipps Cross Univeristy Hospital.

In order to Reduce CO2  Whipps Cross Hospital wants to reduce the number of lorries collecting used drink containers at the Hospital.  By separating the materials and compacting recyclates (reducing the volume), the recyclates are “ready” for recycling.

This very important installation shows “real” recycling statistics in real time, which can be seen by “telemetry” (online) from anywhere in the World on a secure “Web Site” for total transparency, and provides real Auditable Statistics of used beverage drink container.  European Governments are using similar machines in their “Deposit Systems”.

The technology automates the recognition/collection/compaction and storage of all participating used beverage drink cans and PET Plastic Bottles.

The reVend RVM accepts ALL used drink cans or plastic drink bottles sold onsite at St Bartholomew’s Hospital.  The machine automates the collection and storage of all participating used drink containers. Previously these cans and bottles went to landfill or incineration.  Staff time has been drastically reduced in litter picking and emptying bins.


Reverse Vending Machine

Whipps Cross University Hospital are rewarding the “recycler” by giving a reward incentive voucher for every can or plastic bottle recycled which is automatically dispensed by the machine.

The reVend Reverse Vending Machine automatically sends a text or email when the storage container needs to be emptied, thereby helping to reduce carbon emissions from waste collection hauliers.

Auditable “real” recycling statistics are generated 24/7.  This unique technology compiles auditable statistics on used drink containers recycled.

To encourage the public to increase the recycling of cans/bottles, Whipps Cross Univeristy Hospita has given the recycler an opportunity to win exciting rewards.

The Whipps Cross Univeristy Hospita recycler is also able to donate to Charity for recycling their used drink cans or plastic bottles.

By rewarding the user and encouraging recycling of used drink cans and plastic bottles in their hospitals,  Whipps Cross Univeristy Hospital will significantly help to increase participation and national recycling figures.

Whipps Cross Univeristy Hospital are creating a “Case Study” to show “Best Practice” for other Hospitals to follow.


For further information contact Reverse Vending Corporation