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Recycle on the Go in Wales at Cardiff and Vale College

September 19, 2014


Recycle on the Go

WRAP Cymru funding enabled the Cardif and Vale College to install the very latest Reverse Vending Technologies to participate in “Recycle on the Go”.

Cardiff and Vale College had identified that the Restaurant areas (canteen) as ideal positions to install Reverse Vending Recycling Machines, to reward the students and staff for recycling to encourage recycling and reduce litter.

Welsh householders recycled 52 per cent of their waste in 2012 – 2013.

However if Wales is to reach its target of 70 per cent recycling by 2025 it’s important that people have the opportunity to recycle when they’re out of their homes. more >>

It had been identified at the Cardiff and Vale College that the Restaurant areas (canteen) as ideal positions to install Reverse Vending Recycling Machines  this is where the “On The Go” recyclates are generated in very high footfall areas.


reVend Reverse Vending Machine

reVend Reverse Vending Machine

Image above “A reVend Reverse Vending Recycling Machine at the Colcot Road Campus”.

Recycle on the Go Reverse Vending Machine

We have today started to use the fully automated Reverse Vending Recycling Machines for the collection, storage and reward system for the used PET plastic  drink bottles, used drink cans generated at each site.


reVend Reverse Vending Machine

reVend Reverse Vending Machine with Full Graphics Wrapping

The reVend 800 series Reverse Vending Machine has one acceptance aperture to accept used drink cans and used plastic drink bottles, the materials (the PET Plastic Bottles and the used aluminium and steel drink cans are non-compacted) non contaminated and stored ready for recycling. The reVend 800 Series is the entry level specification machine.  All non-participating containers are rejected and returned to the user.

  • This machine is designed and built for Non Deposit Markets, and a is  simple “easy to manage”  machine.
  • Each machine is able to automate the recycling of 1000’s of used beverage containers each week

We estimate that we are able to increase the recycling rate by 30%  over the duration of the project.

We knew at the start of the project how many beverage containers are sold on site and this will enable us to start the calculation of return percentages.

We will start the project by evaluating the potential used drink containers that are available to be recycled, we will then set a target of a percentage to increase the recycling by using “proven” Reverse Vending Technology. The recycler is guided through the simple process by instructions on and around the machine, the user then receives a reward incentive voucher, automatically dispensed by the machine.

The reward system will offer the recycler exciting offers, discounts and rewards.  These will be changed throughout the project to maintain the recyclers’ interest and participation and constantly increase awareness of the project.

Reward Recycling with exciting incentives

Reward Recycling with exciting incentives


Reverse Vending Corporation have over 30 years’ experience in increasing recycling through Reverse Vending Machines through developing exciting reward systems in both Deposit and Non Deposit Markets. We will use a range of exciting incentives with differing rewards to encourage participation in the system.

All relevant permissions have already been granted for each Campus.


The intention is to divert 100% of the used drink containers (used drink cans and PET plastic bottles)  generated on site to be recycled and diverted from landfill by using exciting and changing rewards.


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key number Z00288