IKEA Edinburgh – Zero Waste Scotland – Turn your recycling into awards


Turn your recycling into awards at IKEA Edinburgh

IKEA Edinburgh - Recycle and Reward

Did you know? Making a can from recycled materials instead of new saves enough energy to power a television for three hours.

Recycled plastic bottles can also be turned into all sorts of new things, from park benches to fleece jackets!

Any can, plastic bottle or glass bottle bought in our store can now be recycled using a brand new Recycle & Reward Machine in The IKEA Edinburgh Customer Restaurant.

Reverse Vending at IKEA

IKEA Edinburgh “Recycle and Reward”  gives exciting rewards for each used IKEA drink can or bottle returned through a “Recycle and Reward” Reverse Vending Machine

You can either donate your reward to one of our chosen charities (10p per recycled drink container) or collect your vouchers to redeem one of our rewards below.

(1 recycled drink container = 1 voucher)

Choose your reward!
Once you have collected enough vouchers, you can redeem them for one of the following rewards

Recycle and Reward IKEA Edinburgh

Recycle and Reward at IKEA Edinburgh

Recycle and Reward at IKEA Edinburgh – Exciting Awards

At the moment our machines can only accept products bought within IKEA Edinburgh.

Further details IKEA Edinburgh website  >>

Further details about Zero Waste Scotland funded project “Recycle and Reward” Project :


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