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Recycling scheme could cut litter

August 26, 2013

Recycling scheme could cut litter in Scotland

Reverse Vending BottleBill Project Scotland Reverse Vending Corporation

Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Environment Richard Lochhead

Schemes which offer an incentive for recycling drink containers could help tackle Scotland’s litter problem, the e nvironment secretary has said.

Richard Lochhead is to look at the feasibility of a wider Deposit Refund Scheme after watching it in action during a recent trip to Sweden.

Those schemes create an incentive for consumers to return their containers to retailers or specific collection points, encouraging them to recycle more and limit the number of containers going to landfill.

Mr Lochhead said the introduction of the scheme could help tackle the problem of plastic bottles and cans littering communities where on average four plastic bottles and three drinks cans can be found every 100 metres of Scotland’s motorways and trunk roads.

The Swedish system, introduced for cans in 1984 and extended to plastic bottles in 1994, adds a small deposit to the cost of drinks which is refunded when the container is returned.

The scheme is said to currently achieve recycling rates of 85%, generates high value materials to feed Sweden’s recycling industries, and has made a huge contribution to tackling litter.

In Scotland, eight different Recycle and Reward schemes have been piloted since the start of this year.

Iain Gulland, Director, Zero Waste Scotland, said: “It’s vital that we consider fresh approaches to boosting recycling rates and capturing the value of materials which would otherwise be sent straight to landfill. Through this pilot, we want to assess the impact of this approach which has proved successful around the world, including in Germany, South Australia and Scandinavia. It’s important we change the way people view waste in Scotland and we’ll be looking at how incentivising these recycling schemes impacts on recycling rates and complements other schemes designed to capture valuable materials, including kerbside, recycling centres and banks.”

Iain Gulland, Director, Zero Waste Scotland,

The programme, managed by Zero Waste Scotland, will help assess whether schemes which offer incentives such as vouchers, donations to charities or money back can increase recycling rates and reduce the amount of used drinks containers going to landfill here.

Mr Lochhead said: “Scotland is such a beautiful country and it disappoints me when I see litter blighting our landscape, so I want to make this a land where littering is no longer acceptable.

“The Deposit Refund Scheme in Sweden is a great example of how a country has promoted the benefits of recycling into everyday life whilst also having a positive impact on litter.

“The scheme has also created new industries and investment in jobs and skills to process these valuable materials – something I want to see emulated for Scotland’s economy.

“It is a simple scheme which offers customers financial incentives to recycle glass bottles and cans when on the go, and it has clearly been successful in Sweden – it’s akin to the popular system we had widely in Scotland some years ago, when many Scots took our glass bottles back to shops and got some change back in our pockets.

“Scotland’s litter problem could be turned into a resource. At least half of littered items are suitable for recycling, such as plastic bottles and aluminium cans. This is around £1.2 million worth of material every year.

“We want to encourage more Scots to recycle and, in turn, help deal with our litter problem, so it is right that we reflect on how this model could work in Scotland.”

Each year, around 22,000 tonnes of plastic drinks bottles alone go to landfill in Scotland.

If that amount was separated for recycling it is estimated that it could be worth around £6 million to the economy.

Reverse Vending Machine

Used in Europe for over five decades, In most cases Reverse Vending Recycling Systems are used in markets that have deposits on beverage containers, offering a highly efficient method of identifying the deposit amount of each container returned and providing a refund to the customer, .

In Deposit Return Schemes, a small deposit is added to the cost of bottles and cans and redeemed when the empty containers are returned.

The other type of Recycle and Reward scheme being trialled is Reverse Vending where no deposit is paid but customers are offered incentives such as vouchers to encourage them to return drinks containers for recycling.

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Reverse Vending New Website

August 21, 2013

Reverse Vending  is an International company that specialise in reverse vending systems, installation,material recovery and recycling, through its experienced management team in RV technology, recycling and waste management.

Reverse Vending ®

Reverse Vending New Website

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Reverse Vending  provides a total environmental reverse vending recycling solution package including design and installation,regular maintenance services and full waste management services.

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IKEA Edinburgh – Zero Waste Scotland – Turn your recycling into awards

August 1, 2013


Turn your recycling into awards at IKEA Edinburgh

IKEA Edinburgh - Recycle and Reward

Did you know? Making a can from recycled materials instead of new saves enough energy to power a television for three hours.

Recycled plastic bottles can also be turned into all sorts of new things, from park benches to fleece jackets!

Any can, plastic bottle or glass bottle bought in our store can now be recycled using a brand new Recycle & Reward Machine in The IKEA Edinburgh Customer Restaurant.

Reverse Vending at IKEA

IKEA Edinburgh “Recycle and Reward”  gives exciting rewards for each used IKEA drink can or bottle returned through a “Recycle and Reward” Reverse Vending Machine

You can either donate your reward to one of our chosen charities (10p per recycled drink container) or collect your vouchers to redeem one of our rewards below.

(1 recycled drink container = 1 voucher)

Choose your reward!
Once you have collected enough vouchers, you can redeem them for one of the following rewards

Recycle and Reward IKEA Edinburgh

Recycle and Reward at IKEA Edinburgh

Recycle and Reward at IKEA Edinburgh – Exciting Awards

At the moment our machines can only accept products bought within IKEA Edinburgh.

Further details IKEA Edinburgh website  >>

Further details about Zero Waste Scotland funded project “Recycle and Reward” Project :